6 ways to make investing fun (and profitable at the same time)

There is an old adage in the investment world that I have seen repeated many recently:

“Investing should be boring.”

This appears to be the official response of anyone over the age of 50 who responds to the meme craze. Of course they are right; investment should not be reckless, reactionary and treat it like a game of chance. He must be slow, alert, and precise.

But just because investing requires care doesn’t mean it. It has be boring.

1. Invest in what you believe in

One of the best counterpoints to the idea that “investing should be boring” is joy (and huge benefits) that you can get from investing in ESG (environmental, social, governance)

ESG is a buzzing industry term for conscious capitalism – basically investing in the “good guys” who run morally honest companies that benefit humanity and / or the earth.

I wrote a whole article about ESG vs Sin Stock Investing (its evil twin), but the short version is this: ESG and Sin stocks tend to outperform the general market – but only the former give you “warmth and fuzziness.”

Fortunately, in the world of investing, “sustainable” really means “more profitable”.

BlackRock’s 2021 letter to CEOs even says::

“Companies with the best ESG profiles perform better than their peers.”

The infamous investment company got its name from which you can expect higher returns on your ESG investment: Sustainable Development Award.

So when choosing your next ETF.Ask yourself: what do i believe in?

Do you believe in:

  • Solar energy?
  • Space exploration?
  • Reducing carbon emissions?

Well, there is an ETF for each of them!

More details: How to invest in ETFs

2. Sign up for some investment subreddits.

Like everything else, investing is more fun when you are part of a community.

Reddit is home to dozens of investment “subreddits” where you can read the latest headlines, join the debate, and improve your general investing knowledge. I wouldn’t get anything advice of these subredditsbut they are still a great source of news and food service.

Here are some of the best investment subreddits you can join:

1.p / investment

Despite the fact that it works under the self-deprecating slogan “Lose money with friends!” g / investment is the oldest and most widely used investment subreddit of Reddit.

Here, both amateurs and professional investors share news, discuss market trends and have friendly discussions. It’s well thought out and non-toxic, and the mods do a great job of keeping things in order.

2.p / shares

As the name suggests, y / share has the same friendly and informative atmosphere as r / Investing, but with a narrower focus on the stock market.

What I love about r / stocks is that it not only discusses stock price fluctuations, but also trends that can influence share price. This makes r / stocks a great place to learn how stronger market forces affect the value of your investment.

7 ways to make investing fun (and profitable at the same time) - r / stocks

3.r / wallstreetbets

Like the plot of Fight Club, r / wallstreetbets cannot be summed up in one sentence or even a paragraph. No; The amateur psychiatric investor Reddit requires an entire article to fully explain so this is exactly what i did

If r / wallstreetbets could be explained in the photo, then this is probably:

7 ways to make investing fun (and profitable at the same time) - r / wallstreetbets

Imagine if a whole frat party spilled out onto the Stratton Oakmont marketplace and you had a basic understanding of the WSB “atmosphere”.

You definitely do not heed the investment advice of the WSB. They think losing is fun, and taking risky, poorly researched trades isn’t just encouraged – it’s their favorite pastime:

7 ways to make investing fun (and profitable at the same time) - meme r / wallstreetbets

3. Talk about investing with friends (the right way)

I am love chatting about investing with my friends because he is checking several boxes at once.

First, it helps increase financial literacy among those close to you. I still remember two of my friends first talking about their investment portfolios when we were 23 years old. didn’t I had an investment portfolio at the time, so I felt stupid, awkward and overwhelming FOMO.

But FOMO can be a powerful motivator, and this conversation inspired me to get my finances in order. start making smart investmentsand make sure I run out of my retirement accounts at work.

More details: 7 easy ways to start investing with little money

Second, chatting with friends can open your eyes to new possibilities. My friend Carol is rich as hell, although she’s never made more than $ 60,000 in her life. When I asked her how, she gave me a surprisingly simple answer: Save and invest 20% of your income for 30 years.

If you want to get rich, I detail everything, step by step, in my article. How the rich get rich (and how you can too!)… But the point is, talking to friends about investing can reveal information that will change your life.

Finally, let’s talk with friends about something just makes it more fun. Friends have the ability to do all better – from travel to movies and video games. Investments also fall into this basket.

It also doesn’t have to be serious all the time. My group of friends and I chat with each other constantly in WSB style about our portfolio’s metrics.

“Here’s Mr. Index Funds – how do you feel about that cute little 10% per annum?”

“Hey, at least my portfolio can handle Elon Musk’s tweet.”

This is all a lot of fun because, after all, we all make money.

4. Give the bulk of the money to your financial advisor and play the rest.

Traditionally, you have had two options for investing money:

  1. Invest yourself.
  2. Give it to a money manager or robo consultant to invest for you.

Option number 1 exciting, but requires a lot of research and risks. Option number 2 is a lot saferbut much less fun and doesn’t give you anything to talk to your friends about.

So why not mix both?

Consider weight your money to the relevant welfare consultants (you can get some suggestions here). Then keep a little yolo fund for yourself. Make sure you pay your bills, of course, but you have some fun money to spend. does wonders to reduce stress.

After all, regardless of whether our own investments go up or down, we know that someone smarter and more judicious than us keeps most of our money safe.

5. Look Billions

Sometimes, watching TV about your new hobby can support and sustain your passion for it. If you’re trying to get more into cars, you can watch Top gear… Novice Singers May Like Glee.

So is there investment shows that you know aren’t as boring as they sound?

Aha – it’s called Billionsand that’s great.

Billions is a fictional drama about the high-stakes hedge fund world of New York. The reason why I recommend Billions to young investors because the show helped to gain me in investing.

Billions it is an equally entertaining and instructive story, and it is undoubtedly makes investing more fun.

6. Constantly remind yourself that this will make you rich.

Even if you practice tips 1 through 5 daily, there will still be times when investing will be tedious, tedious, or even frustrating.

This is especially true when the markets are down, because even if you did everything right, you will still temporarily lose money.

More details: The bear market is against. Bull Market: How Do We Know Where We Are?

This is why it is important to always remember that what you do makes you rich.

We tend to think that wealthy people have achieved this through inheritance, luck, or simply being in a high-paying job for a long time. But in fact, these three groups represent only half rich Americans.

V Other half of the rich people did this just saving and investing 20% ​​of your income for 30 years

They received lucky with their attachments? Nope

30 years of compounding interest at 10% per annum is really all you need to become a multimillionaire. At this rate, every $ 25,000 you can invest by age 35 will turn into $ 436,235 by age 65. And this is on condition that you stop investing at 35 (which you won’t!).

More details: How to Invest: Important Tips to Get You Started with Investing

So if investing ever stops being fun, just close your eyes and remind yourself:

“Oh yes, I’m getting rich.”


The old adage “investing should be boring” is true to some extent. Investment should not be reckless, reactionary, or based on temporary emotions.

But you can still have fun by staying rational. Even everything you do invests in retirement and index funds, you can still enjoy investing by interacting with the online community, chatting with friends, watching Billions, and more.

More details:

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