Best Time to Get Amex Gold Card

When it comes to bonus credit cards, the question is not just which card to get, but when to get one. Being strategic about credit card application deadlines can help you earn more rewards or earn them faster.

The same goes for American Express® Gold Card, one of the best credit cards on the market today. This is very valuable to the right person whenever you get it, but if you take the time to apply it wisely, you can be rewarded even more generously.

Without further ado, here is the best time to get Amex Gold.

When are you planning an event?

I like Amex Gold because it rewards you for the most mundane expense imaginable: food. Whether you cook your own meals, eat out or order food, this card gives you the opportunity to earn generous rewards for your food spending – 4 points at US supermarkets (up to $25,000 for purchases during the calendar year, then 1 score) and restaurants. .

For this reason, if you are planning an event with a lot of food, it’s time to get Amex Gold. Hosting a party at your home? You can use Amex Gold when purchasing products and score a lot of points. Thinking about celebrating your anniversary at a nice restaurant? These are additional points to be earned.

You can also apply other fees related to the event to the card. You will only earn 1X points for regular purchases, but these expenses will help you get your welcome bonus faster.

When are you planning your trip

Speaking of a welcome bonus, it offers a great opportunity to save on plane tickets or even not spend a single dollar, depending on the amount of the purchase and the amount of the bonus. For example, I used my bonus to book a trip to Russia to see my family this summer. The airfare was $770, but I covered the entire cost with points.

As you can see, the savings can be quite significant. If you know you’re going to be booking your trip in about six months, now is the time to apply for Amex Gold.

However, be sure to consider how long it will take you to cover the necessary expenses. Right now, the card is offering 60,000 points when you spend $4,000 during the first six months. Once you meet the spending requirements, you may also need to wait to receive the bonus.

For example, I saw my bonus in my Amex account a couple of days after payment. On the other hand, a friend has been waiting for her for over a month and an Amex rep said it could take up to 12 weeks to add her to her rewards balance.

The good thing is that even if you don’t earn a bonus before booking your trip, Amex Gold will still be a good card to buy airline tickets. You’ll earn 3x points on flights booked on, helping you earn points for your next vacation. In addition, you can currently earn 2x more points on other purchases you make through the portal, such as hotels and car rentals.

When you aim for a special

I mentioned that thanks to the welcome bonus on my Amex Gold, I was able to earn $770 worth of airfare for free. I used 77,000 points to book tickets on the American Express Travel portal, 75,000 of which I received as a bonus, and another 2,000 as points earned on my expenses.

I was able to do this because I received a special offer from Amex: instead of the usual 60,000 points, I had the opportunity to get 75,000 at the same cost. This is a $150 difference when paying for air tickets on

You can also check if you qualify for the same offer. It is currently available on CardMatch where you can view credit card options tailored to your credit profile. The service is free and checking your offers will not affect your credit score.

Please note that special offers are never guaranteed. You may see it today in the available options, but tomorrow it may not be there. For this reason, if you know you want a card, it’s best not to sit on a special offer for too long.

bottom line

If you are looking for a travel credit card to reward you for food expenses, Amex Gold is your ideal candidate. While it offers a lot of value to the right cardholder no matter when you apply, you may want to hurry up with your application if you expect to make additional spending in bonus categories or if you are planning a trip.

Finally, seeing a special bonus offer is always a trigger while it lasts – you never know if you’ll run into it again. If you feel like you’re ready to take on this card, check out how you can max out Amex Gold.

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