‘Better safe than sorry’: 10 pro-gun Americans on why they carry guns in public

Many Americans are passionate about owning and carrying firearms in public, even on business. While many disagree, gun rights supporters have various reasons for taking firearms with them in daily life. Here are some stories posted on a popular online forum about why people choose to wear clothes in public.

domestic violence

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“My ex tried to take my life many times,” one woman explained. While he is currently in prison, his family continues to threaten him and he will soon be released. “Who said he wouldn’t try again? The only problem is that this time I won’t be defenseless and run down the road on foot for my life.

Another person noted that nearly 70% of mass shooters have a history of domestic violence, so it’s good to be prepared.

self defense

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Someone said that she started carrying guns after her ex started harassing her and making death threats. After numerous calls to the police to no avail, she woke up in bed one night to her ex standing over her with a knife.

“When this was happening, I bought a gun and learned how to use it. I took a concealed carry course and it soon became an uncomfortable but reassuring piece of metal that I carried around with me,” she said. “After some time it became a habit. I just never stopped. Since then, I have been very happy a couple of times that I have it. ”

wild nature

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One gun owner stated simply, “Because I live where predators eat your face while you’re alive.” Many others have joined in the fact that living in the countryside with the threat of wild animals has forced them to reconsider the regular carrying of weapons.

last resort

police car lights
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Many commentators noted that this is an extreme precaution. One of them shared a quote: “I have never needed a weapon in my life, except when I needed it very badly.” Another shared, “I have a fire extinguisher in my car for the same reason. First aid kit, spare tire, airbags and a smoke detector in the house.” He noted that we are talking about insurance against something bad. “Fortunately, I only needed a spare tire and a first aid kit a couple of times. This does not mean that I will stop carrying a fire extinguisher with me.

home invasion

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Many self-proclaimed responsible gun owners have personal stories about why they carry them around. One told the story of his brother, who survived only because he had a gun. “My brother was shot twice during a home invasion/burglary. The fact that he was able to return fire is the only thing that saved his life.”

High crime area

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Several commentators noted that they lived in high crime areas where the police were slow to respond or not at all. “I once called the police because there was some dude on my street who was drugged,” one of them said. “Answer time is 30 minutes. The police station is two blocks from here. Someone breaks into my house, I know firsthand how the police react in my area.”

live on a farm

bull in the field
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“I live on a farm; I have to protect my animals,” said one gun owner. While this doesn’t seem like a reason to carry guns in public, another person added: “It’s amazing how many times I’ve had to rescue my animals when I was just coming home from errands. It’s like the predators know I’m not home, so they make their move.” He explained that if he didn’t carry it with him, his reaction time to get the weapon from the safe would be too slow and the animal would most likely be dead.

Parking protection

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While virtually no one wants to use their weapon, countless stories could go wrong if the victim didn’t have a means of self-defense. One person told a story about how his mother carried a .38 revolver in her purse and once had to use it when a man followed her from K-Mart to her car. He pulled out a knife and attacked her, but luckily she managed to shoot. “She shot him in the leg. He was jailed for four years and was a suspect in three more attacks,” he said.

Be ready

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Many argue that responsible gun ownership is a matter of expecting the best but prepared for the worst. “For the same reason, I put on my seat belt before getting behind the wheel,” said one of them. Another spoke up and said, “Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.” The non-American chimed in: “I’m not an American, but if I had the right to carry and have a firearm, why shouldn’t I take it with me?”

I am a woman

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One woman summed up her position beautifully: “Because I am a woman. Because I feel safer with him. Because I would be eternally grateful for it if I ever found myself in a situation where I needed it. Because it’s my right.”

We don’t live in a utopia

crime scene
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Whether you believe in the second amendment on the right to bear arms or not, many have come to terms with the fact that we do not live in a perfect world. “Whenever someone asks and I tell them what I’m up for wearing, I usually tell them the same thing,” one person said.

“I sincerely believe that the world would be a much better place without guns, but I do not live in this world. There are more guns than people here, and although 99.9% of gun owners are decent, law-abiding people, that 0.1% is enough to justify the need for a gun for self-defense.”

What do you think? Was everything correct in this thread, or are there other reasons to have weapons (or not to have at all)? This article is inspired by the Internet and does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Wealthy Nickel.

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