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ivanka trump net worth
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The first daughter of the infamous Ivana and Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, was already born with a golden spoon, but she has worked hard to earn a reputation as a respectable woman in her own unique way.

Many might think that she was already lucky to be born into a wealthy family, but she spent most of her time not at parties, but in the boardroom. All her life she worked to achieve what she has now! She is a senior advisor in the Trump administration and a former executive vice president of development and acquisitions at the Trump Organization.

Moreover, a few years ago she launched her own business. She’s not the kind of woman who will ever stop fussing!

Ivanka Trump’s fortune

The total capital of Ivanka and her husband (Jared Kushner) is $800 million. Her annual salary alone is estimated at $300 million.

Now let’s start from her youth to the present and see how she got started making money.

How did Ivanka Trump earn her net worth?


She began modeling in her early teens while attending boarding school, but only did so on weekends and holidays.

She has modeled for several brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Sasson Jeans, Versace and more. You must have seen her in some advertisement in the past. In 1997, she starred in the TV series Seventeen.

Her career began to blossom at an early age when she entered the modeling world. Her modeling career did not stop at magazines, but she was able to participate in fashion shows and was one of the organizers of the Miss Teen USA pageant.

Of course, she wanted to do something more in life than modeling, and decided to continue her studies. She decided to go to college and ended up getting a degree in economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Family business

After college, she started working for Forest City Enterprises as a project manager, which is how she got into real estate. She worked there for about a year to gain experience outside of the family business.

Once she settled in, she joined the family business, which was the Trump Organization. She was Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisition. Along with this, she and her two brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric, teamed up to find the Trump Hotel Collection, which is a successful luxury hotel management company.

She became a cult figure who appeared alongside her father and brothers on NBC. Celebrity Apprentice.


Shortly after joining the Trump Organization, she wanted to start her own clothing brand because she was an entrepreneur at heart. Not wanting to leave the fashion world, she developed her own jewelry line with Dynamic Diamond Corp.

Along with jewelry, she launched a line of bags and shoes sold through Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdale, Nordstrom and more. The line’s annual revenue was $75 million.

Although she launched a line of shoes, bags, clothing and accessories, sales began to drop during her father’s reign. After several years in the business, she closed the clothing company of the same name to focus on her career in politics.

TV and books

She has appeared on shows such as Student. In addition to this, she has also produced various television series and books. Most of the series are related to her family, which she produces and sells to TV networks for profit.

In 2009 she published her first book, women who workwhich was aimed at working women. In 2017 she published her second book, Women who work: rewriting the rules for success.


Ivanka was her father’s adviser and played a huge role during his election. Her advisory role has focused on women’s economic empowerment, working family issues, workforce development, advancing STEM education, and combating human trafficking.

It was said that she was not paid for her work, although she worked regularly in the White House. She has worked on many projects, from career administration efforts to technical education.

Where does Ivanka Trump spend her money?

With her fortune, she lived a happy life in luxury. Together with her husband, they both spend money lavishly, but at the same time lead a healthy lifestyle.

Art collection

Ivanka Trump collects contemporary art and has a wealth of art in her home. Her collection is valued at $25 million. Some of the art is by famous artists such as Will Boone, Ostrowski and Lowman.

Real estate

Born into a wealthy family, she grew up in homes worth millions. The first home she bought was a $1.1 million penthouse. After marrying Kushner, she moved to Manhattan in a $3.2 million duplex.

During her father’s presidency, she bought a mansion in the District of Columbia. In 2021, she spent $24 million to buy a high-end Miami mansion.

Car collection

As a child, she always loved cars. Her car collection consists of vintage and modern cars worth $300,000. One of her favorite cars is a 1950s Mercedes 220 SE Ponton that is worth about $200,000 today.


In all her photographs, she is always dressed in elegant outfits worth thousands of dollars. Some of the clothes she wears are from famous designers such as David Coma, Alessandra Rich and Carolina Herrera.

Family holiday

Along with her husband’s fortune, they both go on a luxurious vacation. Many people need to save money to go on vacation, they like to go on expensive trips. She and Jared always take their kids on vacation in the summer or on special holidays. Sometimes she takes her father’s yacht to relax by the sea with siblings Eric, Donald Jr. and Barron Trump.


With her own capital, she also spends money on work and gives back to the world. She has donated one million meals to the people of Ukraine and several non-profit organizations to provide meals for families.

When she travels for work or special events, she spends millions traveling the world in private jets. As a social activist, she was in the spotlight at an early age, showing off her lifestyle.

Ivanka Trump is an entrepreneur at heart

From a young girl to an outstanding woman, Ivanka has achieved a lot in her life. She is quite risky when you see how much work she has put in to achieve many of her goals. To this day, she is still increasing her wealth along with her husband.

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