She buys her grandparents’ house behind her parents’ back and they are furious. But is she really wrong?

When it comes to family and real estate, emotions can run high. So what happens when a son takes matters into his own hands and makes a major purchase without consulting his parents first?

The 35-year-old woman, who we’ll call Jane, is an average eight-year-old and grew up on a farm that is also a family business. Even though she grew up on a farm, she wasn’t interested in it.

She became a rebellious teenager, which caused tension in her relationship with her parents. Grandparents moved in with her parents five years ago due to deteriorating health and age. The grandparents’ house was supposed to be bought by her brother and his wife, but they ultimately decided not to.

Jane, wanting to keep her great-great-grandparents’ old house, offered to buy it, but her parents immediately told her “no” due to her lack of stability.

Any initiative

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However, with the help of an old real estate acquaintance, she secretly bought the house and renovated it in the last two years. She then surprised her grandparents on Grandpa’s birthday by taking them to see the renovated house and their beloved horses.

However, as soon as her parents found out about the purchase, they expressed anger and disappointment. In addition, Jane’s grandparents now divide their time between her parents’ house and hers, causing further tension.

One of her siblings informed her that her parents removed her from their will until she apologized. However, Jane refused to do so, as she had the financial means. What do you think? Here’s how the internet reacted.


One commented: “You bought this honestly and honestly, and your parents are just furious that they can’t control you and your grandparents. I’m glad you got your house and horses back!

Your grandparents are happy. Your parents are trying to make you feel guilty with their will until you comply with their demands. For example, what do they want you to do now? Give them a house for free because you don’t deserve it?

Are they more likely to go to complete strangers?

Another suggested, “Worst of all, your parents would rather it be given to complete strangers than you have it. This way he can stay in the family for another generation and hopefully future generations.

I guess your grandparents would like to visit their old home knowing that their granddaughter is taking care of it. You have nothing to apologize for, honey. Instead, they should apologize to both you and your grandparents.”

Fingers crossed your parents closed their traps

“Just because you were a rebellious teenager doesn’t make you an irresponsible adult,” said one. “Just because you’re single and don’t have kids doesn’t mean you’re less deserving of a home. So what your parents said is not true.

I’m glad your grandparents supported you. I’ll cross my fingers that your parents keep their traps closed. And you’ve been excluded from your parents’ will until you apologize for the manipulation. Well done for standing your ground. Also congratulations on the house and horses.

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Boo your parents

Finally, one Redditor said, “Honestly, you are the heroine who brought so much joy to your grandparents. Well done for proving that you are a responsible and caring adult. Smile at your parents.”

What do you think? Did this redditor have a legitimate reason to buy her grandparents’ house, or did she deserve to be removed from her will? This article is inspired by the Internet and does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Wealthy Nickel.

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