Should I buy Venture X?

In November 2021, Capital One launched its new premium credit card Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card. It includes all the perks you would expect from a premium card, including travel rewards, annual credits, lounge access and a massive welcome bonus. And, as with other premium cards, it all comes with a hefty annual […]

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Can I buy shares of SpaceX?

SpaceX stock is not a company that investors can buy through the standard channels. You won’t find it on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or Nasdaq. SpaceX is not a public company, it is a private company. Therefore, an investor cannot buy or sell SpaceX shares using a brokerage account. The company doesn’t even […]

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How to buy Dogecoin in 5 easy steps

2021 was the year of the cryptocurrency, with popular coins like bitcoin and ethereum rising to all-time highs. Of course, Bitcoin and Ethereum have “proven themselves” to some extent in the world of crypto, and hence their rise should not have come as much of a surprise. However, when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, […]

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Ready to buy your first rental property? 8 things you need to know

Buying your first investment property can seem like a daunting task. However, starting investing in real estate can be a great way to move forward on your path to financial freedom. Real estate investments can provide their owners with anything from a little extra cash flow to a cushion of capital or generational wealth. But, […]

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How long does it take to buy a house?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Money Under 30 for Credit Karma Home As a serial tenant, I had a fair share of complex landlords and less-than-lucrative leases. Some of my recent rental problems include not getting a refund for costly plumbing repairs and listening to an hour-long lecture on […]

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Which car should I buy? – How to choose the best car for your budget

You’re pretty sure you need a new car, but it’s not just the price that scares you. Rather, it is a complex process of determining which the buy a car. According to the car and the driver, there are over 400 different new models to choose from – not including finishes and other variations! You […]

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Why you shouldn’t rush to buy a house

All my friends who bought houses before their 30th birthday I loved declare that they no longer “throw money away” by paying rent. Although I am a homeowner now, when I was a renter, I never felt like It was wasted money. In the end, I traded my rent check for the apartment I needed… […]

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How to use Craigslist to buy and sell in your area

Craigslist is an ancient site in terms of websites. The site was created in 1995 by a guy named Craig Newmark (hence the name of the site). It started out as an email list that Newmark built to disseminate information about local events, and then evolved into a classified classifieds website. Since its inception, Craigslist […]

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5 most successful stocks and what to buy now

2020 was an unusual year for the global economy. Even more surprising was the impact of the economic consequences on the stock market. This was the year when expensive shares became even more expensive. Given the high unemployment rate and falling GDP, everyone expected the stock market to crash. However, markets bounced back and surpassed […]

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