How much income do you need to report on your credit card application?

The content of this page is accurate as of the publication date; however, some offers from our partners may have expired. Browse our list of the best credit cards or use our CardMatch™ tool to find the cards that suit your needs. When applying for a credit card, you must provide information about your income. […]

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Income to Mortgage Ratio: What Should Yours Be?

These questions are often asked by first-time homebuyers: What percentage of my monthly income can I afford to spend on mortgage payments? Does this percentage include property taxes, private mortgage insurance (PMI), or homeowners insurance? Today I will answer these questions to make your home buying a little easier. Consider Your Total Housing Payment, Not […]

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How to earn crypto passive income

Imagine: you go to bed, dream about your favorite cryptocurrencies for eight hours, and when you wake up, you have more cryptocurrencies in your account than the day before. Do you think this is just a dream? Nope. This is the reality of crypto investors who have figured out how to earn passive income from […]

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3 Cool Alternative Passive Income Investments for FIRE

Over the past decade, the popularity of alternative investments has skyrocketed. And don’t slow them down. Assets dedicated to alternatives are expected to reach trillions of dollars by 2023. For those unfamiliar, alternative investments are investments that go beyond things like public stocks, index funds, bonds, and cash. Since 2008, low interest rates have encouraged […]

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Do I have to update my income for my credit card issuer?

If you’re like most adults, chances are you’ve applied for one or more credit cards in the past and know that showing your income is a requirement during the application process. In fact, credit card issuers are required by law to request financial information (including income) on credit card apps to ensure that a consumer […]

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How to rent out your room for passive income

The population of the United States continues to grow every year as more people flock to the US. With this growth, the demand for rental housing is growing. Between 2006 and 2016, the number of US households grew by 7.6 million. The number of new homeowners did not increase over the same ten-year period. Invesco […]

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81% of Generation Z lost income during the pandemic

Could Generation Z be on the verge of repeating the millennial financial woes of the Great Recession? Now that the holiday bills are rolling in, many people are trembling with fear at the thought of huge bills eating into their bank account. The pandemic has become a stark reminder of how fleeting financial security can […]

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5 Best Dividend Stocks for Passive Income

The best dividend stocks are those that continue to pay dividends over time. When investors buy shares to receive dividends, they expect the dividends to be paid quarterly. This is important for the investor, since dividends are a source of passive income. In addition, buying dividend stocks can be a necessary part of a retirement […]

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9 unique types of passive income (unearned income)

Many people dream of living off passive income. The idea of ​​working hard and creating a steady source of income is very appealing. Instead of working eight hours a day or more, you can work much less. Let’s say you are making some smart moves by investing in rental properties or dividend stocks. Alternatively, you […]

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What is Lost Use Compensation and when can it bring you hundreds of additional income after a car accident?

A few months ago, I was (ironically) walking into an auto parts store when a limousine pulled me over. Unfortunately, my tiny Miata couldn’t stop in time: Luckily, everyone was fine and there were no teens in the limo who didn’t make it to prom. Atlanta police officially quoted the other driver as guilty, so […]

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