Petty revenge: Grandma owed money in her will to give her estranged daughter one last laugh

In a recent story, an online community member we’ll call Salem describes how their grandmother patched things up with her aunt in a wonderful world of petty revenge. Salem’s grandmother raised her children with love and pampered them. Two of her children, Salem’s father and uncle, became drug addicts. Salem’s aunt, let’s call her Miss […]

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10 Things Most People Spend Money On But Some Never Buy

From designer clothes to trendy gadgets, the list of new things to splurge on is never exhaustive. This is a feature of the consumer society. But while most people succumb to these temptations, there are some things that some ordinary people say they will never spend a dollar on. The following items are their interesting […]

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How to stop eating out and save money

Eating out—whether in cute restaurants with seating or in a window display—is one of the biggest drains on many people’s budgets, including mine. This, while delicious, sucks money. And worse, the more you do it, the harder it is to stop eating out. If you need a little help breaking the cycle, here are 10 […]

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11 quarters worth serious money – $10,000 or more

Coin collecting is a fun hobby that can be lucrative if you know what you’re looking for. Quarters minted in the United States can be worth well in excess of 25 cents, depending on their age, features, history, errors, condition, and rarity. The mint condition of a coin—whether it was in circulation or not—also affects […]

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12 popular things that are actually a waste of money

What do you consider a waste of money and don’t understand why others spend their money like this? I’ll go first – a brand new car. It depreciates in value when you push it out of a parking lot, has ridiculous fees, and is more expensive in insurance. I don’t understand. After someone asked the […]

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Buy If You’re Not Ready to Spend Money on Quality

What NOT to buy if you are not ready to spend money on a quality version? I’ll go first and say sushi. To this day one of my favorite pieces. Scrubs The episode where the guy explains that the sushi he ate made him sick and he “came free with the gas station” at the […]

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12 things men refuse to spend money on no matter what

What are the things you always refuse to spend money on, no matter how much you want to? I’ll go first. I can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars every few weeks on fingernail extensions and maintenance. I understand why women want to keep their nails, but that’s too much money and time, for that matter. […]

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10 things you waste money on, according to judgmental strangers

What would you never spend money on and don’t understand why others do it? For example, food with golden flakes? What? After someone asked for examples of ridiculous purchases on a popular online forum, here are the most voted answers. 1. Lottery tickets Lottery is the most voted massive waste of money, people admitted they […]

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“Can Money Really Buy Happiness?”: 10 Honest People’s Opinions

Do you think money can buy happiness? My answer to this question has evolved. Before I had money, I repeated the saying that happiness is not about money. But when I had money, I found that it relieves a ton of stress that weighs on you every day when you don’t have it. For some […]

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Built to Last: 10 Times You Should 100% Spend Extra Money on Quality

Finding things made to last is a waste of money, especially in today’s fast electronic and fast fashion environment. Recently, a man took to the Internet to explain that he was finally earning decent money and was ready to invest in things made to last. So here are the best recommendations. 1. Everything between you […]

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