17 Most Romantic Places to Propose in Dallas

You know that your proposal will become a story that you will tell hundreds of times.

It must be unique! But how? And where are you going?

You need a meaningful and memorable moment to propose.

If you’re looking for ideas of where you can get down on one knee, check out these perfect places for deals that Dallas has to offer.

1. White Rock Lake

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

White Rock Lake is a famous Dallas attraction for outdoor enthusiasts. When it comes to White Rock Lake, there are plenty to choose from.

If you’re looking for a more secluded, private offering, you can easily choose a scenic location just for the two of you. There are many open fields, picturesque docks and a calm waterfront.

Or, if you want more fanfare, you can book a sailboat ride with the Spirit of Dallas and be on the water for your big moment.

2. Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Arboretum
Image Credit: VisitDallas.com

Being in nature provides a calm environment for any important moment. There are so many picturesque places in the Arboretum.

With plenty of perfect scenery, you can easily find the perfect spot to create a more intimate proposal if that’s what you want to achieve. There are 66 acres of beautiful land providing plenty of options to claim your spot.

One of my favorite gardens is the Women’s Garden. The infinity pool and various sculptures create a serene place.

3. Cedar Mountain

For the more nature-loving couples, Cedar Mountain Preserve has plenty of beautiful trails and secluded spots for your unique offering.

Unlike the well-manicured areas at the Dallas Arboretum, the sanctuary has a very natural setting. You can easily climb the hill and choose the time for your important matter at sunset or early in the morning during sunrise.

Let nature set the mood for a romantic moment.

4 Turtle Creek Park

Turtle Creek Park Dallas
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

In the center of Uptown is a beautiful park worthy of your engagement spot. A small oasis in the city is twenty acres of natural beauty.

You can easily find a quiet place in the heart of the city for your offer.

Once you’ve made an important proposal, family and friends can easily be waiting for you at one of Uptown’s chic restaurants to help you celebrate. Nearby are some of the best rooftop restaurants in Dallas.

5. Reunification Tower

Reunion Tower Downtown Dallas
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The Reunion Tower, a symbol of the Dallas skyline, provides a view of the city for your participation in city life. If you’re into loud, high-profile experiences, Reunion Tower is the place to be.

The Tower has a staff dedicated to creating the perfect offer. Call and negotiate.

Love is definitely in the air when you plan your engagement at the Reunion Tower.

6. Lake Cliff Park

You can enjoy both worlds by choosing an open space overlooking the city. Lake Cliff Park is located in the southern part of Dallas, in the Oakcliff area.

The city park has a small lake, walking paths and many places where you can propose. You will have amazing views and intimate time with your partner.

7. Chase tower

Chase Tower Dallas
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The unique architecture includes a 6-story opening in the center of the building. From a vantage point, you can see the Dallas skyline and really take in downtown.

Talk to security about planning the moment and agree on the details. You can easily surprise your significant other with an event in downtown Dallas and ask a surprise question at the Tower.

An offer with a city view and an unexpected setting will make your story unique.

8. Right roof

Rooftop Restaurant RH
Image credit: RH Rooftop.

This Uptown restaurant is Insta worthy for one reason. You will truly have an unforgettable moment with beautiful photographs documenting your moment in a chic restaurant.

Treat your significant other to a perfectly matched menu and ask an important question over dinner or dessert. The atmosphere is perfect for a romantic date and your perfect proposal.

The restaurant continues to fill up fast so make sure you have a reservation.

9. Restaurant Marie Gabriele and Gardens

Why not choose a location that will help you plan your offer? Marie Gabriele can arrange an unforgettable day for you in a magnificent setting.

Marie Gabriel is an unexpected 1.5-acre garden oasis right in the middle of Harwood. The combination of nature and architecture creates a relaxing holiday.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and private events. You can easily create a unique moment in your dining garden or next to a pond.

10. Butterfly House in the Texas Garden of Discovery.

Sometimes preparing a homemade surprise takes the stress out of planning. And the Butterfly House offers a creative and closed option.

The glass-enclosed building creates a magical scene with lush plants and butterflies. This is an innovative option for a garden style proposal that is sure to provide the romantic moment you desire.

11. Lumen Room

The place is flooded with natural light. Photographers primarily use the space for their projects and client work. But you can book a place and have a private room.

You have a blank canvas to work with and can create the perfect scene to match your personality as a couple.

12. Canopy from Hilton

The open air on the roof easily creates a romantic setting. From the rooftop of a luxury hotel in the center of Uptown, you will make an extravagant proposal.

You can easily impress your partner by making simple preparations in Canopy.

13. Dallas Art Museum

Does your significant other love art? The collections at DMA offer a wide range of styles where you can choose a location in the museum to reflect your partner’s tastes.

The DMA also has a Sculpture Garden, a serene open space. It looks like a modern secret garden, perfect for a romantic proposal.

14. Clyde Warren Park

Clyde Warren Park Butterfly Garden
Image credit: VisitDallas.com.

There is something special about a large green space in the city center. Clyde Warren Park is a 5.2-acre public park above the Woodall Rogers Freeway, right in the center of Dallas.

The park has many picturesque spots and many activities that you could associate with your offer. If you can propose before sunset, you will really surprise your partner.

The Nancy Best Fountain is a new addition to the innovative city park. After sunset, the fountain turns on for 30-45 minutes with choreographic lighting and music. This is a breathtaking sight and would be appropriate for your special moment.

15. Winspire Opera House

Winspire Opera House
Image credit: VisitDallas.com.

Why not create a proposal that combines drama and art? The Dallas Opera House is an amazing building. The entrance has a glass fa├žade with bright red glass panels that are visible through the glass.

If your partner loves drama, this is the place to plan your special moment. You can time your important question to the end of one of her favorite operas, or simply place your important proposal in front of a unique building.

16. Flippen Park

Flippen Park Highland Park
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Don’t let the name fool you! The name of this carefully maintained park does not match the park. Flippen Park, located in Highland Park, is one of the most beautiful places in Dallas.

Highland Park doesn’t bother with keeping up appearances, and the park is proof of that. The gazebo is not what you expect. It looks like something straight out of a fairy tale.

The park has a decent sized lawn and pristine landscaping. Flowers change every season, so you will see beautiful flowers as you plan your proposal.

17. Trinity Overlook Park

Trinity Overlook Dallas
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

If you’re planning to propose in Dallas, take advantage of the city environment. While Dallas has plenty of open parks and places to plan your magical moment, Dallas has a unique skyline that can be a great backdrop for your moment.

Trinity Overlook Park is a “pocket park” that provides access to the Dallas Floodway and Trinity Skyline Trails. The park offers one of the best views of the city center and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

Best Deals in Dallas

Offers can be incredibly magical. You want to commemorate the moment so that the memory matches a special milestone. If you want to create the perfect setting for your proposal but don’t know where to propose, relax!

There are many places in Dallas that you can choose from. You have options that take advantage of urban environments or beautiful outdoor spaces. Think about your partner and what would be special for both of you.

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