US lags behind China as renewable energy sector adds 700,000 jobs worldwide

With oil supply disruptions around the world and gas price spikes, now is the perfect time to hook up your van to renewable energy. Renewable energy employment globally reached 12.7 million last year, a jump of 700,000 new jobs in a year, despite the lingering effects of COVID-19 and the deepening energy crisis, according to […]

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Should you insure your engagement ring?

When you finally find that gem of a person you want to spend the rest of your life with, getting a new gem to cement your attachment can be the perfect next step. But should you insure your engagement ring (sometimes called jewelry insurance)? We have created this complete guide to help you decide for […]

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Bear Market vs Bull Market: What’s the Difference?

“I don’t know. I feel a little bearish.” If you hear one of your investor friends say this out of context, it might sound like he’s hungry. Or hairy. Or ready to help Leonardo DiCaprio get an Oscar in survivor. But in the world of investing, “bearish” means something very different. A bull or bear […]

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The Best Soft Credit Cards of 2021

If you’re hoping to get a credit card while minimizing the impact on your credit score, subsidized credit cards may be the answer. However, credit cards that only require a soft confirmation for approval are rare, and the few available cards that fall into this category are far from the best. However, if you’re just […]

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Chase Freedom Flex Benefits Guide

Depending on how you spend, you can earn a lot of money with Chase Freedom Flex℠. This card rewards changing categories throughout the year – such as purchases you make at wholesale clubs, grocery stores, or gas stations – in which you get a 5 percent refund (on purchases up to $1,500 per quarter after […]

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Discover Cash Back rewards and benefits

Discover it® Cash Back is one of the few credit cards that offer rewards in rotating categories. When you combine this card’s generous cashback features with its other benefits and perks, Discover it cashback offers great value without the annual fee. For starters, Discover it Cash Back offers a 5 percent cashback on popular categories […]

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Equifax loan freeze: how it works

The content of this page is accurate as of the publication date; however, some offers from our partners may have expired. Browse our list of the best credit cards or use our CardMatch™ tool to find the cards that suit your needs. Many factors affect your credit score – new accounts, available credit, on-time payments […]

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Changing Category Credit Cards –

For some people, a rotating category credit card can be a powerful tool, giving them the opportunity to earn 5% cashback on many different categories of purchases throughout the year. Other people avoid rotating credit cards because they don’t like strategizing how to use them correctly or they just don’t understand how they work. Whether […]

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Citi Custom Cash vs. American Express Blue Cash Preferred

Citi is an advertising partner Few businesses are more competitive than credit card issuers. And among all the different types of cards on offer, competition can be fiercest among cashback credit cards. Citi offers the Citi Custom Cash℠ card, which breaks new ground in this area. Let’s see how it compares to American Express’ Blue […]

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The 5 Best States to Retire (& the 5 Worst)

If you are looking to retire, you may be wondering which state is the best place to do so. There are many factors to consider when making this decision, including cost of living, climate, taxes, and health care. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 states for US retirement and the five states […]

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