10 genius hacks we wish we knew about sooner

How do we manage what we call life on this planet we call Earth? A curious resident asks: “What life hack do you think everyone should know?” Here are ten life hacks that will help almost anyone.

1. Stretch

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When you wake up, give at least five minutes of stretching in the morning. Pay attention to any pain or irritation and be sure to relieve tension through stretching and exercise. Since stretching is a lifelong activity, adding it to your routine at the beginning of life is much easier than at the end.

2. Replace “Sorry” with “Thank you.”

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Have you ever apologized when someone else did something wrong? Maybe you say that I’m sorry when you don’t have to. One of the users shared his favorite life hack – replace the phrase “sorry” with “thank you”.

Let’s say you’re a waiter at a diner. If the lunch rush has you running between the kitchen and the restaurant hall, you can attract a few hungry customers with diminishing courtesies. As soon as you approach their table, thank them for their patience, not sorry. This deliberate wording builds trust and allows us to connect with the other person more than an apology.

3. Don’t be afraid to say no

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If you feel uncomfortable doing something, you can say no. If you have overbooked yourself, you can say no. If you don’t have a social battery left, you can say… you get the idea. When we constantly go along with every plan or idea that is offered to us, we ignore our boundaries and priorities, which makes us more anxious and tense than if we were standing up for ourselves. Everyone needs a break from time to time.

4. Disable

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Today, the obsession with social media extends to all of our daily activities. We struggle to disconnect, which connects us to virtual reality and the Internet more than other people. One respondent says he sometimes likes to unplug or unplug electronics to give his brain a break from being bombarded by comparison culture and the social media craze. Instead of checking your phone after waking up and before bed, turn it off for the day and reconnect with nature.

5. Vinegar for battery corrosion

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A few years ago, the batteries in my Wii were rusting, but I didn’t have a car or a way to get new batteries. I was looking into some tips for cleaning batteries and extending their life when I came across the vinegar method. Take a cotton swab, moisten it with a few drops of vinegar and wipe off the corrosion. It works.

6. No “buts”

10 Brilliant Life Hacks We Wish We Knew Before
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The basis of improvisation is to say “yes” and “and”. Since we improvise daily, a great hack says yes rather than but. The word “but” has a negative connotation and can be misinterpreted as a defensive tactic. The word “and” opens up the conversation and creates a more positive atmosphere.

7. Positive inner monologue

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The only constant in our lives is our internal monologue. Whenever we are alone, we get stuck in our thoughts and our presence, which means we have to be kind to ourselves. An internal monologue is a constant stream of discussion and dialogue that can either lift your spirits or spoil it, comfort or hurt you. If you fail a test, don’t say, “I’m stupid because I don’t understand calculus.” Say, “This subject is difficult. I’ll study more for the next test or ask for more help.”

8. Sleep in a jacket

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A fun way to fight the urge to stay in bed when it’s cold outside is to wear a sleep jacket. Do you know the feeling when you wake up feeling cozy and warm and the last thing you want to do is roll out of bed into the cold and get on with your day? Wearing a jacket ensures that you are warm when you wake up and have less desire to stay in bed, making it easier to acclimatize to the new day.

9. Emergency card

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Always carry an emergency contact card with you, even if you are with your best friends. Write the emergency contact, your blood type, any diseases and allergies. You never know what might happen, and in an emergency, others know who to call and first responders know what medication to administer and what to avoid.

10. Four turns to the right

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On the way home, you notice that a car is following you, which seems to be going in the same direction as you. To check if they are really following you, make four turns to the right, forming a square, and notice if they are following you.


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