10 “secrets” to big money the rich don’t want you to know

What is this phrase populating the Internet today? Oh yes, eat the rich. Here are ten money secrets that the 1 percent avoid sharing with the public.

1. Debt can be good.

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Many people look down on debt and despise debt, but having good debt increases your leverage. Wealthy people tend to have property or vehicle debt but plan to pay it off.

2. Spend less than you earn

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Although this tactic seems simple, many people spend more than their income generates. You have to control how much money comes in and how much you use in your daily life. Make sure your income is always higher.

3. Invest

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I have a friend with a wealthy father who made her start investing and buying stocks when she was 18. However, you must study the stock market to understand where to invest. She studied the market for about a year.

4. Pay Attention to Your Bank Accounts

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Do you receive a check before or after taxes? Before taxes, you will see the entire amount for the desired period of work; after paying taxes, you might shed a tear looking at the lost money. To avoid receiving after-tax checks, wealthy people classify their bank accounts as independent contractors or freelance accounts in order to fool the bank.

5. Write-offs are huge

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After receiving pre-tax paychecks, the wealthy invest and use their money wisely, spreading the cash among various accounts before writing off their purchases during tax season. Depending on how you file your tax return, you may write off business expenses, healthcare expenses, childcare, property taxes, transportation expenses, and rental deductions to reduce the amount you pay to the IRS.

6. Passive income is a huge wealth factor

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Instead of focusing only on wage income streams, the rich are looking for other cash flow methods to increase their net worth. Passive income is money earned while you sleep without much effort. investments, funds, real estate, and vending machines are some examples that generate passive income.

7. Work with other people’s money

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Here’s another cliché for you. Teamwork makes the dream come true. According to wealthy people, raising funds and getting money from banks or lenders can do more, giving you more wealth than when you started.

8. Big picture

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Wealthy people say they avoid daily treats because they see how it affects the big picture. If you buy a cup of tea from Starbucks every day, you are losing as much money as you could invest in your own business and stocks. Instead, the rich buy in bulk and plan every dollar as they see fit.

9. Write it down

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Sometimes people are born rich, but independent people carefully plan every step of their way. Those who write down plans are more likely to succeed than those who don’t.

10. Save

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In addition to having multiple sources of income, the rich know how to save up a decent amount of cash to live on in case of emergencies. The stock market fluctuates daily, and because the rich invest so much money in stocks, they need a reserve of funds to keep them going.


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