Should you quit your job for mental health and happiness? – “I don’t regret it at all”

Have you ever quit your job or considered it for your mental well being? Someone recently took to Reddit and asked, “What do you think about leaving your job for the sake of mental health and happiness?” The Internet responded by providing this authentic list of tips.

1. The best solution

One of them shared: “The best decision you will ever make, if the lack of funds does not make things worse compared to work. I did it, my back pain (from stress) was gone, I moved on to my dream job and I wish I had done it sooner. Protect your mental health if you can afford it. It’s precious.”

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2. It makes news

“The news was on the other day how a teacher quit her job after 21 years and now works at Costco and is happier. It’s a good idea, but make sure you have enough funds to support you if your back-up plan doesn’t work,” replied another.

3. Mental health is priceless

“Yes! Mental health is so expensive. What is the point of living if we are in a state of eternal suffering? Exhaustion also prevents you from realizing what you can do and your potential. So, even if it means less pay, but until then as long as it doesn’t endanger my mental health, it’s okay,” one suggested.

4. Test Yourself First

Another replied: “Check for yourself what will change if you quit smoking and if there are any other options. For example, do you have the financial safety net and understanding of the company to negotiate a sabbatical or extended leave if you are looking for time to figure out what you want?

Are there other roles within the company that better fit what you need to be happy, and are you willing to take pay cuts to make that happen? So, you want to leave for a more interesting job.

Is there something in your company that you could use to get a better start – a subsidized Coursera certification? If you end up here, make sure you have some kind of game plan, even if it’s “one month to sort yourself out and then look for a job.”

5. It’s vital

“It is very important to know that your work contributes to the deterioration of mental health and affects your happiness. However, before leaving, I tried to think about whether I would feel this way under any circumstances, and whether it would be an internal or external misfortune.

Most often this is an external influence, for example, work. However, there were times when I blamed the work when I was just going through a difficult psychological period. Any job, person and situation will affect it.”

6. Determine your mental state

As someone who struggles with mental health, sometimes it gets in the way of us recognizing that our work is important (not to mention that this is the situation). It is important to determine whether finding another job will make your mental state worse or better. Unfortunately, I cannot answer this for you.

7. Sometimes it’s impossible

One woman confessed: “I am going against the current here. I am a single mother, the only income, and I have a child to support and pay the bills. I can’t just quit my job and find another that makes the same money. Making less money means the bills won’t get paid. So it’s a win-win.”

8. Better sleep

Another confessed: “I did it. The night I gave me two weeks’ notice, I slept through the night instead of waking up at 4am with anxiety for the first time in months. I spent hours in bed without sleep, unable to sleep after waking up at 4 am.

Then, when I got out of bed (even if it was during the day, because sometimes I worked in the evenings), I was exhausted. The day I went to work after being notified, I woke up at 8 am, completely rested, no coffee. With the same energy I spent the first day when I went to this toxic job. I don’t regret it at all. Worth it.”

9. Be sure to do it

“Be sure to do it. I fought with my last employer due to terrible management and lack of staff and I didn’t make it. I was there for eight years. I was overworked and stressed,” another Reddit user replied.

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10. Cook Something Else

Finally, one of them advised: “If you have other plans and enough savings to cover the drop in income, do it.” That’s why I went to work in a nursing home. I had a home health job assigned and oh my god it was great to be able to come home and not cry for an hour.

It took about a year before I stopped feeling terrified whenever my phone rang. However, without a plan, I cannot support him – I was used by the one who gave such a justification.

We hope you enjoyed this discussion on Reddit about whether it’s okay to quit your job for reasons of mental health and overall happiness. This article is inspired by the Internet and does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Wealthy Nickel.

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