10 Luxury Items Women Would Fork Out For If Money Wasn’t an Issue

Sometimes it’s interesting to think about what you would spend money on if there was an abundance of money. Recently, someone asked the women of Reddit, “What luxury or pleasure item would you buy for yourself if money wasn’t an issue?” Here are the answers with the most votes.

1. Services

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Services were the number one answer. One declared: “I would buy the labor of other people. Then I wouldn’t have to clean up, run stupid errands, deal with leaky faucets and other annoying things that are necessary in everyday life.”

“Having a personal chef is the ultimate dream,” admitted another. “I hate deciding what to cook every other day, let alone every day. In addition, cooking and eating take one to two hours from start to finish. I could do so much that I wouldn’t have to cook or prepare a meal every few hours.”

2. Owning a home

“If money wasn’t an issue, having a house would be nice. Nowadays, it seems like a luxury, ”one of them suggested. Several other women in the thread agreed with this sentiment. One specified that they would buy a house on the beach, while the other wanted a plot for animals and a garden.

3. Perfume

The third most voted answer is perfume. “At the moment I am struggling with a huge urge to buy Tom Ford’s Bitter Peach and Cherry…. so expensive,” admitted one.

4. Flying First Class

“We fly only first class,” one of them explained. “Some perks have nothing to do with flying. These include luggage, shorter security lines and access to airport lounges.” Others have argued that if money weren’t an issue, they would rather fly in private jets.

5. Holidays

Someone volunteered: “Vacation, not camping or going to a crowded amusement park, a real vacation. I’m talking about a 5 star resort. I didn’t do anything to indulge myself, well my eldest just turned 14. So 14 years old.”

Another shared: “In the Netherlands, ‘weekendje weg’ which means a weekend getaway is quite common. So you leave on Friday, come back on Sunday night and treat yourself to a mini-vacation.”

6. Massages

Many of the women in the thread agreed with the weekly massage, while others insisted on a daily one. One of them said: “I dated a very rich guy a few years ago and we went on a couples date to get massages after every dinner we had. It was relaxing. So we went once or twice a week. The place we went to did a full body massage: feet, face, hands.”

7. Plastic surgery

One woman replied: “Tummy tuck, Botox and laser hair removal.” Another shared: “If your hair is darker than your skin and you have $400 to spare, the Braun IPL device is fantastic!”

8. Repair and hot tub

“Bathroom renovation with Jacuzzi. Instead of planning to do the work myself, I would hire someone to do everything,” said one of them. Many people agree that a soaking tub is best. One of them explained: “The soak tub is deeper and usually freestanding (not built into the shower). You can dive underwater with your whole body at once.”

9. Cast iron wood stove

“I would have preferred a cast iron wood stove if everything else was covered,” one of them explained. “Like you see in fairy tales, so that I can sit in front of him on cold winter evenings and do my witchcraft business: drink tea, read books and stroke my cats.”

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10. Pool

A surprising number of women admitted that they would invest in an underground or indoor pool. One suggested, “I like to swim. This is my favorite sport and swimming every day, regardless of the weather and time of day, would be great. dream.”

We hope you enjoyed this discussion on Reddit about the things women admit they would splurge on if money wasn’t an issue. This article is inspired by the Internet and does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Wealthy Nickel.

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