Bear Market vs Bull Market: What’s the Difference?

“I don’t know. I feel a little bearish.” If you hear one of your investor friends say this out of context, it might sound like he’s hungry. Or hairy. Or ready to help Leonardo DiCaprio get an Oscar in survivor. But in the world of investing, “bearish” means something very different. A bull or bear […]

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Does a 1% mortgage rate difference matter?

When you start thinking about buying a home, you’ll hear all about mortgage rates and how terrible it is when they go up, how great it is when they go down, or even why low mortgage rates are no good. always good. Your mortgage rate is simply the sum of the interest charged by the […]

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Visa vs Mastercard: What’s the difference?

Visa and Mastercard are the world’s two largest credit card networks, each operating in more than 200 countries. As card networks, Visa and Mastercard work with banks and financial institutions to process debit and credit card payments, but do not issue the cards themselves. The benefits that cardholders care about the most, such as rewards, […]

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Pre-Qualified vs. Pre-Approved: What’s the Difference? -CreditCards.com

You open your inbox to find it’s full of letters promising you’ve prequalified for a new, low-interest credit card. Or maybe these emails say that you are pre-approved for the latest bonus card from Chase, Discover or Citi. Is there a difference between pre-approval and pre-qualification? And does this mean that lenders will automatically approve […]

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Annual Interest Rate vs Interest Rate: Understanding the Difference Can Save You Money

Annual Interest Rate vs Interest Rate: What’s the Difference? Is it important to know? How do lenders calculate both? Which one should I use? These are all great questions. I have a good news! This post aims to introduce you to interest rates and annual interest rate, their differences and how they are calculated. The […]

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