She Doesn’t Like You: 10 Warning Signs Your ‘Romantic’ Date Is Just Tricking You Out For Free Food

Dating has always been difficult, but dating in the digital age comes with challenges. Between dating apps and social media, it’s hard to know if she’s interested in you or just wants free food and drink. A user on an online forum for men asked how to know how to tell if his dates are […]

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The best food delivery services for one

Even after the peak of the pandemic, meal kits are still all the rage in America. Whether your priority is frugal dining or organic ingredients, chances are there’s a food delivery service out there to cater to your unique needs and desires… unless you’re alone. But many meal kit delivery options are too much food […]

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Food inflation hits 40-year record: 5 tips to fight

With inflation rising at a rate not seen in over 40 years, Americans are struggling with every aspect of their household budget, but perhaps no more pressing than weekly grocery bills. The latest USDA report predicts that average grocery store prices will rise 7-8% year on year. If the current forecast is confirmed, it will […]

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10 best free food scoring restaurant apps

When my wife and I moved to a new place, we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by fast food. I’m not going to lie, I was immediately tempted to download 21 restaurant apps. I was surprised to find out how much free food these restaurants give out – immediately upon registration and without the need to […]

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How to save money on food and drink while traveling

Now that we’ve covered some common ways to save money while traveling, let’s focus on the real reason most of us travel: food. And not only food, but also coffee, and tea, and booze. Eating and drinking properly is essential for any journey, but doing so on a tight budget can be tricky. That’s why, […]

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