Gift Ideas for Every Budget

As the holiday season comes and goes, saving money on a budget will serve you well any time of the year. These economical gift ideas range from classic to trendy and cover a wide range of lifestyles, interests and personalities. Our list is categorized: scroll to the general price tier you’re looking for (

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Gift tax: how much can you give without tax?

When your (very) generous Aunt Betty slips you a $5,000 check on your birthday, do you have to pay taxes on her cash gift? And when you send an annual donation to your favorite charity or alma mater, does anyone pay taxes on that gift? The answer in both cases is no, although, as silly […]

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Poll: Nearly half of Americans keep unused gift cards

Gift cards are extremely popular for a number of reasons. You can purchase them in almost any quantity and exchange them either for cash or for goods and services at a wide variety of retail stores. As a recipient, you may be able to use a plastic card or an electronic code. But while gift […]

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Bonus offers to avoid: buying points, redeeming points for gift cards.

The content of this page is accurate as of the publication date; however, some offers from our partners may have expired. Browse our list of the best credit cards or use our CardMatchâ„¢ tool to find the cards that suit your needs. While earning points with a Rewards credit card is relatively easy, cardholders often […]

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4 Christmas gift rules

Will it 4 gift rule work for our family this Christmas? This was the question I asked myself for a couple of years on our parenting path. We now have children of four and two years old whose toys are falling out of every accessible place in our house. Christmas, birthdays and even other holidays […]

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Take part in the raffle for a $ 100 Free Home Depot Gift Card for 2021

Thanks to you Wealthy Nickel readers, I am giving a $ 100 Home Depot Gift Card to one lucky winner. Scroll down the page for full details! I started giving giveaways on this site about a year ago and have not stopped since then. I love pranks because they are a way to give you […]

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