Is it a terrible idea to rely on tax refunds or bonuses for budgeting?

In the spirit of tax season, someone recently asked, “Is it bad to rely on tax refunds and bonuses when budgeting?” They clarified that revenues had been stable over the past few years, but were not sure whether it was appropriate to include them in the budget. Here are the answers with the most votes. […]

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Poll: Borrowing money was a bad idea for more than half of those who did

You may have heard the saying “neither borrower nor lender” from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Words of wisdom against the habit of becoming a personal banker for friends and family. The results of a new survey by show why this is wise advice. With the possibility of not getting a high payout, there are good […]

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Renting your own home – a good idea in 2020?

Which is better – to live in a lease instead of your own house, rent or buy houses right away? The answer, like many questions of this kind, depends on many things. Everyone’s personal circumstances are different, and a decision should always be made based on those circumstances. When I was eating a hamburger at […]

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Side hustle idea: 6 best places to sit at home

Whether you are looking for the side hustle and bustle or adventure, sitting at home may be your solution. These opportunities can either give you a free place to stay on your next vacation, or put extra money in your pocket. There are many different ways to use these features, and we went through all […]

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