Ant-Side Cereal: 10 Terrible Things Kids Find Their Miserly Parents Doing

Growing up with miserly parents is no easy feat. Users of a popular Internet forum have shared some cautionary tales about overthrift that will both amuse and scare you. 1. Age is just a number: A cautionary tale about the discount scam Image Credit: Shutterstock. Getting a child discount might save you some extra money, […]

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10 Smart Money Steps Middle Class Families Can Take to Prepare Their Kids for Success

On a popular financial planning forum, someone shared that they are the parents of a two-year-old child and are looking for the best ways to arrange their financial future. The poster explained that they live comfortably, have little debt, don’t pay their mortgages, and are saving money for retirement. So how can middle-class families best […]

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How to travel with kids: top tips for a comfortable family trip

Traveling with the family is never as idyllic as it seems in the photographs. The reality of family travel can be quite overwhelming and can convince even the most travel-loving parents to stay home for the next decade of their lives. However, you can enjoy a trip with the whole family with careful planning and […]

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19 fun things to do with kids in Dallas this summer

Image Credit: Summer is here! Whether you’re looking for things to do in Dallas with your kids, or you’re panicking because you don’t know what you’ll be doing all summer with kids coming home from school, I’ve got you covered. Summer is the season, so it’s good to leave it the way it is. […]

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19 fun car games for kids for your next trip

A long car ride may not be the most exciting activity, but it is especially difficult for children to sit on it. Children need stimulation and entertainment so they don’t go crazy. This list of car games for kids is the perfect tool to keep their minds busy while they wait. Whether you’re going on […]

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