Poll: 23 percent of cardholders have unused credit card rewards.

Most people would probably say that the thrill of credit card rewards is about paying off their rewards, not about the process of earning them. However, a recent survey by CreditCards.com showed that a large number of credit card holders (23%) did not use their rewards last year. However, there was an improvement from the […]

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Poll: Nearly 75% of debtors have increased their credit card debt

It appears that with inflation rising over the past two years, it is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to keep their heads above water financially. According to a YouGov survey for CreditCards.com in late 2022, about three-quarters (72 percent) of those with credit card debt increased last year. The majority of US consumers (70 percent […]

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Poll: Borrowing money was a bad idea for more than half of those who did

You may have heard the saying “neither borrower nor lender” from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Words of wisdom against the habit of becoming a personal banker for friends and family. The results of a new survey by CreditCards.com show why this is wise advice. With the possibility of not getting a high payout, there are good […]

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Poll: 60% who have credit card debt owe their creditors at least 12 months.

As a credit card user, it’s no surprise that once you’ve accumulated a large balance, it can be difficult to pay it off within a reasonable amount of time. A new survey by YouGov for CreditCards.com found that among Americans who roll over credit card debt from month to month, 60 percent owe their creditors […]

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Poll: Nearly half of Americans keep unused gift cards

Gift cards are extremely popular for a number of reasons. You can purchase them in almost any quantity and exchange them either for cash or for goods and services at a wide variety of retail stores. As a recipient, you may be able to use a plastic card or an electronic code. But while gift […]

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Poll: COVID-19 has not made America the best dump trucks

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred demand for some services, but has not necessarily led to a steady flow of more tips for service workers. Gen Z consumers and millennials are less likely to tip everyone from the barista at the corner coffee shop to the Uber driver who takes them to the airport, and the […]

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