Why you should (almost) never rent a car

Every day we make choices based on personal preferences: coffee or tea, boxers or shorts, etc. However, some financial decisions are not so unambiguous. After all, we can’t make spending decisions based on preference alone. If we did, we could live in luxury for a while before going bankrupt. An obvious, often misunderstood example is […]

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How to pay $0 rent: 10 best jobs with free or very cheap housing

Image credit: Eugenio Marongiou / Shutterstock. Recently, while browsing the popular poverty finance forum, I came across a post asking for a job with very cheap housing. So, here are the most popular job opportunities with housing. 1. National parks and other resort areas “You can work in a national park (or other resort areas) […]

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Should you buy or rent your next home?

There is no simple answer to the question of whether to rent or buy. It depends on so many factors: your age, your finances, your area, your plans for the future and the current real estate market, just to name a few. Renting can be the right move for people in the right circumstances — […]

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Rent and Buy Calculator: Is Homeownership Right for You?

The lease versus purchase debate can get extremely heated. For some, renting longer than you need is akin to setting your hard-earned money on fire. Others see homeownership not as the fulfillment of the American dream, but as a financial prison that restricts your mobility and liquidity and sucks money for interest, repairs, and taxes. […]

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How to pay rent with a credit card

There are many reasons to consider paying your rent with a credit card, and more than one benefit may apply. For example, this gives you some time before the actual payment, and you can even roll over the balance from one month to another if you need to. This means that if you’re past due […]

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How much should you spend on rent?

When buying a wedding dress, I was given good advice: don’t try it on if you can’t afford it. Because if you fall in love with it, you’ll either be heartbroken when you can’t get it, or you’ll blow your budget to get it. What I love about this tip is that it doesn’t just […]

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Paying rent with a credit card

There are many reasons why you might consider paying your rent—one of your biggest monthly expenses—with a credit card. You can earn points or get money back if you pay with a bonus credit card. Perhaps you are working on meeting the minimum spending requirements for a big welcome bonus? Or you won’t be able […]

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How to rent out your room for passive income

The population of the United States continues to grow every year as more people flock to the US. With this growth, the demand for rental housing is growing. Between 2006 and 2016, the number of US households grew by 7.6 million. The number of new homeowners did not increase over the same ten-year period. Invesco […]

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Our first property to rent (and how you can learn from our mistakes)

This is the anatomy of a rental property. In particular, our first rental property ? If you’ve ever thought about investing in real estate, read on to find out how we did it, how much money we made and our mistakes along the way. In a previous article, I discussed how we started investing in […]

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The easiest (and newest) way to pay rent

Housing prices are rising across the country. Buying a home is more difficult for many than ever. Statistics show that millennials buy homes differently from previous generations. If they don’t buy houses as quickly as they used to, they live with their parents, other family members, and friends. Or they pay rent to the landlord. […]

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