Prepaid vacation trip with plastic

Nobody wants to come back from a trip with a big bill. Hanging in consumer debt after the vacation is over can not only create or exacerbate financial stress when you make monthly payments, but if you drag out the commitment too long, you overpay for financing. However, it makes sense to use the card […]

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How to travel with kids: top tips for a comfortable family trip

Traveling with the family is never as idyllic as it seems in the photographs. The reality of family travel can be quite overwhelming and can convince even the most travel-loving parents to stay home for the next decade of their lives. However, you can enjoy a trip with the whole family with careful planning and […]

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Plan ahead and cut your Hawaii trip costs in half

Aloha! Hawaii has always been the perfect vacation destination, as evidenced by the 1.7 million people who visit every year. So, whether it’s summer, spring, winter or autumn wherever you are, it’s always a great time to visit the islands. The weather is perfect, the scenery is first class, the people are friendly and the […]

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What counts as a reward card trip?

Travel is by far one of the most common categories of credit card rewards. Some of the most famous cards from major banks, including Chase, Citi and American Express, offer tier bonuses for travel expenses. Other card companies, including Capital One and Bank of America, allow you to use points or miles to pay for […]

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Trip cancelled? Your credit card may reimburse you –

COVID-19 seems to have taught us a new fear – disrupting your travel plans. Whether it’s illness, harsh weather, or family circumstances, a host of unforeseen circumstances can ruin your vacation. That’s why travel credit cards that provide cancellation and trip interruption coverage are so popular these days to provide a sense of security when […]

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19 fun car games for kids for your next trip

A long car ride may not be the most exciting activity, but it is especially difficult for children to sit on it. Children need stimulation and entertainment so they don’t go crazy. This list of car games for kids is the perfect tool to keep their minds busy while they wait. Whether you’re going on […]

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Booking a trip through Wells Fargo Go Far Rewards

If you are a Wells Fargo Reward Card holder, you may have used Go Far Rewards®, a banking rewards platform. But is it the best way to book travel shopping? Wells Fargo points are quite flexible and can be redeemed for cash or credits once you reach 2500 points. This makes it easy to redeem […]

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