10 Conspiracy Theories People Absolutely Believe

The world we now live in is changing rapidly. The transformation of the corporate class into a form of global royalty means that its stranglehold on public information is getting tighter every year. Many of our corporations own media companies, support governments, and control all storytelling.

Therefore, the incentive to hide reality from prying eyes is always strong. Subsequently, many of our truths are obscured by a distracting rotation. In a vacuum where there used to be truth, half-truths remain to be explored.

People are getting wiser about it and getting around it, and many of these people in chat forums and message boards are asking the same question: “Which conspiracy theory do you think is 100% true?”

Here are ten conspiracy theories that the general public can’t help but believe.

1. Jeffrey Epstein

So, the ashamed financier hanged himself in his cell at the only moment when the guards fell asleep and the camera stopped working. “What’s so unbelievable about that?” nobody ever said. One commenter jokes, “At least we can all agree… it was a group effort.”

2. Women’s pockets

In one person’s mind, the bag and purse industry is so vast that women’s clothing still has no pockets. I can imagine that this is the case, although women will need pockets like parachutes to carry everything they need for a typical day.

3. There will never be free colleges.

For all the promises of amnesty for college loans, talk surrounds the idea of ​​free higher education for all. However, one of the participants in the discussion believes that they do not want to lose the opportunity to “enlist young Americans in the army.”

4. UFOs are real

Yes, we can all agree that UFOs are real now, even if it’s unclear if they’re extraterrestrial! Many online users believe that this is evidenced by the recent US Air Force shooting at alleged ships from the sky – all at a time when the Chinese balloon saga was booming. distract too much?

5. Conspiracies are a great distraction

There is a post in this thread about how the authorities want to keep the discussion about the conspiracy theory going: “The forces are working to keep this issue open,” one conspiracy theorist jokes.

6. Present January 6

Have you ever heard of Smedley Butler? So did I, but a retired Marine Corps major testified before Congress in 1934 that a consortium of Wall Street-backed businessmen had asked him to lead half a million military veterans to overthrow Roosevelt and “form a fascist junta.” This premise inspired a recent film Amsterdam.

7. Death of Marilyn Monroe

The commentator goes straight to the jugular with this thread: “Marilyn Monroe was taken out by Kennedy.” Movie Blonde showing the relationship between Monroe and John F. Kennedy. However, contacting the head of the armed forces is always risky.

8. Death of John F. Kennedy

The oldest conspiracy theory in the book is that Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t act alone. After so many years of reflection, it’s hard to disagree that while Oswald believed he was acting alone, he wasn’t the only shooter that day.

9. PETA is run by the meat lobby

In a comment on the left, a critic for animal welfare group PETA believes the meat industry is funding this charity. “Animal rights activists will seem crazy and no one will take them seriously,” says one reader. This idea seems plausible to me!

10. Aliens exist

“It’s just a number game,” exclaims one post in this thread. “There’s no chance we’re the only advanced beings.” I agree with it. However, since the nearest exoplanet is “over 21 million miles away,” it may be some time before we see them.

This topic inspired me to write this post.

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