10 things women admit to being a waste of money: “I’m mad at myself for spending this much”

Do you think this is a waste of money? I’ll go first. Diamonds. I’m not saying they are ugly. But they are not as rare and unique as advertised, and the ways in which they are obtained are often unethical. However, this is not about my opinion; it’s about yours. After someone did an online survey, they assumed these ten things were a waste of money.

1. Kylie Jenner makeup

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The number one answer is Kylie Jenner cosmetics. However, others have argued, “Any celebrity-approved beauty or skincare product. They can afford not to drive to work in a smog-filled vehicle, clogging their pores and doing their hair and makeup expertly.

Then facials and other treatments, because that’s part of your job. My money goes to the pharmacy.” However, others insisted that the makeup was great and some people enjoyed wearing it and shouldn’t be scolded for it.

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2. Most weddings

“I know someone who got married many years ago and still pays the cost for one night. Don’t get me wrong, I got my fair share of the debt, but it’s not worth the cost,” one suggested.

The second explained, “I’ve seen people spend over $30,000 on weddings and I’m like, HOW? I’m getting married next month and my wedding costs a maximum of $1,500.”

3. Religious donations

Answer number three is religious giving. Some agreed that they did not understand how someone could give 10% of their income to a religious institution, regardless of denomination.

4. Disposable kitchen devices

“Kitchen appliances are made for one purpose. I don’t need a quesadilla car. I have a stove and a frying pan,” suggested one of them. “100% it is. If you don’t make this particular item SO much so that it makes your life wildly easier, disposables will take up so much space in your closet.”

5. Designer clothes

Several people in the thread agreed with the designer clothes. However, one claimed, “There are 100% as many designer items that are about the same quality as what you could get for 6% off the price at J Crew with a designer label or logo.

But at some levels, higher price equals higher quality—for example, many excellent bags, coats, shoes, etc. But there are levels of diminishing returns—a $200–$400 pair of boots is almost certainly better quality than a $60 pair. But a $2,000 pair isn’t much better than a $300 pair.”

6. False nails and eyelashes

Many women noted that they considered false nails and eyelashes a waste of money. One admitted: “I love my fake nails, but having them done at the salon every two to three weeks is a waste of money.

For nails, it will be about $100 per month. I learned how to make them myself well. While it still costs money to buy supplies, it’s a lot less and I genuinely enjoy making them and playing with nail art, so it’s worth it as a hobby for me.” Several others admitted that YouTube helped them get their nails and lashes done, feel confident and beautiful, and spend a lot less money.

7. Multilevel Marketing (MLM) Products

“Don’t let MLM sellers convince you that their products are good. If the products were good, they would not lead to deceiving consumers in order to sell them. A product is rarely as good as its price because MLM products are deliberately overpriced so sellers pay the real price it should be worth in the market and then charge customers up.

That’s why more than nine times out of ten, the only buyers of MLM products are the people who sell them. So it’s always better to find something similar in a store for much cheaper.”

8. Fast food and takeaway

Another answer that got a lot of upvotes is fast food and takeaway. However, many still spend money on it. One confessed: “So expensive! I rarely order, but I do it when I’m exhausted, and then I get angry at myself for such an expense. A few others agreed that they were spending too much and getting frustrated with themselves every time.

9. Bottled water

“Bottled water,” another replied. “I’m sure it depends on where you live. But I carry a reusable metal water bottle with me most of the time (to work, to the gym, on public transport, to visit friends), and I rarely have to buy water in a plastic bottle. Simply restock at home and at every stop along the way. It helps me stay hydrated and save money/the planet.”

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10. Coffins

The coffins were nominated as a waste of money. Many suggested that embalming was ridiculous before someone said it was worthless to donate your body to science.

Finally someone volunteered: “In our culture, our funerals are in an open casket and last for a whole week. Auntie doesn’t need to stink. When people asked what culture they were, they answered, “New Zealand Maori culture.”

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