How much should you spend on a car?

In America, having your own car is synonymous with complete freedom. After all, the car allows you to go anywhere and anytime. But this freedom comes at a price. Cars – even the cheapest ones – can be expensive. Garbage that breaks down twice a month will still cost you several thousand. A good car […]

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Does car financing create credit?

Car financing can help improve your credit score if you keep your payments on time. But it can also hurt if you’re not careful. In this guide, we’ll show you how car financing can help raise or lower your credit score so you can avoid costly mistakes. Why is a construction loan so important? Credit […]

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The 5 Best Car Brands for Generation Z in 2022

Did you know that Kia makes a Jeep competitor called the Seltos? Or that Toyota and Lexus are no longer the most reliable car brands? It’s 2022, and car brands have never fought like this for Generation Z patronage. So the lineups – and the overall ranking – are constantly changing. Plus, if you’re looking […]

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19 fun car games for kids for your next trip

A long car ride may not be the most exciting activity, but it is especially difficult for children to sit on it. Children need stimulation and entertainment so they don’t go crazy. This list of car games for kids is the perfect tool to keep their minds busy while they wait. Whether you’re going on […]

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6 ways to save on car insurance in 2022

With rents rising and inflation – and with Dollar Tree charging $1.25 for a single Sharpie – you’re probably looking for ways to save money in 2022 without giving up on your lifestyle. Luckily, one of the quickest and easiest ways to save a few hundred dollars this year is to take out auto insurance […]

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5 things to know before going to a car dealership

In my early twenties, I had such a ridiculously bad day at a car dealership that it prompted me to take on a side job helping others get through the car buying process. To date, I have helped about 100 people get a new car and at the same time get a good deal. I […]

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Benefits of renting an American Express car

American Express car rental benefits come standard with more than 60 of this issuer’s credit cards, but it’s important to note how this coverage works. Unfortunately, there are no Amex credit cards that offer basic car rental coverage as an added perk to the cardholder. For the most part, American Express car rental benefits only […]

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Rental car insurance with Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve cards

The content of this page is accurate as of the publication date; however, some offers from our partners may have expired. Browse our list of the best credit cards or use our CardMatchâ„¢ tool to find the cards that suit your needs. Car rental insurance is a popular benefit offered by travel reward cards, although […]

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Can I buy a car with a credit card?

A car, truck, or SUV can be one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make, so it’s worth considering how you’re going to fund that shiny new set of wheels. So, can you buy a car with a credit card? It depends on the dealership. Many dealers will let you make a down payment with […]

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7 reasons why you should insure your car

Have you ever crashed into a limousine? I have. Image Source: Chris Butch Fortunately, I saw him brake in time, so no one was hurt. And since the limousine was empty, except for the driver, no one missed the prom. The driver and I had a heartfelt chat, he was quoted, and his insurance company […]

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