Amex Blue Cash Preferred® Review

When it comes to the Amex Blue Cash Preferred® Card, the rewards alone are enough to grab attention: 6% off products (up to $6,000/year) and select streaming subscriptions. 3% back at gas stations and public transport (taxi, rideshare, tolls, etc.). 1% back on everything else. If you sign up now, you’ll also receive a fantastic […]

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How do I use my Amex Blue Cash Preferred Card?

I am a complete credit card fanatic and juggle at least five cards daily, optimized for earning, reward currency and benefits categories. I also got my partner involved in my obsession by strategically pairing his card apps with mine so we have a balanced home. I have cashback cards, flexible travel cards and cards for […]

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Combination of Chase Sapphire Preferred and Freedom Unlimited

Which credit card goes best with Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card? In most cases this Pursuit of Unlimited Freedom®. By combining a daily rewards card with a travel credit card, you can maximize the rewards you earn on every purchase. Because Chase allows you to pool your Ultimate Rewards before they are redeemed, you can use […]

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5 things you can do with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® card

So you’ve got Chase Sapphire Preferred®, one of the best travel cards. Well done! The envelope with your sleek metal card was also full of documents and pamphlets—your guide to benefits, terms and conditions, and the like. This is useful stuff, but wouldn’t it be easier if someone combined all this information into “do these […]

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Who should get the Amex Blue Cash Preferred Card?

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything about rewarded credit cards, it’s that products can be a very lucrative bonus category. As people switched from dining out to cooking at home, food refunds began to pile up quickly. When it comes to the best credit cards for groceries, few can compete with American Express […]

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Chase Sapphire Preferred®: Who is eligible?

Chase Sapphire Preferred® is a Keanu Reeves travel card; he has aged well, remains incredibly generous, and hasn’t let his popularity go to his head. So why is Chase Sapphire Preferred® so popular even among non-travelers? Let’s dive into the incredible popularity and eligibility requirements of the Chase Sapphire Preferred® card. What is so special […]

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Amex Gold Card and Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and American Express® Gold Card are bloodthirsty competitors in the mid-range travel credit card market. And while they offer several comparable benefits and award valuable points that can be used in a similar way, these cards are completely different. If you’re a traveler (or plan to be one in the […]

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Chase Freedom Flex vs Preferred Sapphire

Two of Chase’s most popular credit cards, Chase Freedom Flex℠ and Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, are highly regarded by savvy bounty hunters who like to squeeze the most out of their spending. Here we will look at the meaning of each card and help you decide which one is best for you. Chase Freedom Flex […]

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Bank of America Preferred Rewards Program: Benefits and Qualifications

Maintaining a sizable bank balance has its benefits, but Bank of America rewards loyal customers beyond measure with its Preferred Rewards program. Through this program, account holders with large amounts of Bank of America or Merrill investment accounts can unlock all kinds of savings, including better interest rates, auto loan rebates, and even higher credit […]

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What credit score do I need for Amex Blue Cash Preferred?

The content of this page is accurate as of the publication date; however, some offers from our partners may have expired. Browse our list of the best credit cards or use our CardMatch™ tool to find the cards that suit your needs. Cashback is a great way to get money back on everyday purchases. Let’s […]

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