How to Be Disciplined About Money: 7 Ways to Get in Shape

In today’s world, it’s so easy to buy new things at any time of the day. We are all blessed to live in a period of time when there is an abundance of things that we can all buy at our fingertips. The problem that plagues our generation is not so much making sure we […]

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Thrift is overrated: 12 ways to save money that don’t require stingy pennies

Financial success is not only about buying pennies or denying yourself simple pleasures. It’s about finding a sustainable approach to money management that supports your long-term goals. In addition, achieving financial well-being does not necessarily mean living an overly frugal lifestyle. According to a popular internet forum, these financial tips don’t require excessive frugality. 1. […]

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Throwing money away: 10 incredible stories about the dumbest ways they lost money

What is your dumbest money losing moment? A Redditor recently shared that her daughter, who lost her gift card, reminded her of how she made a stupid mistake with money. She flew across the country for work and was rewarded with a $1,000 Visa gift card. “I put it in my wallet just to forget […]

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Holiday Budget Tips: 7 Ways to Cut Your Seasonal Expenses

The holidays are here and with them the sales! But let’s be realistic: no matter how good the sales are, the holidays are just expensive. From buying gifts for everyone you know, to delivering food to every holiday party, to decorations, to food, to travel expenses… Your wallet may need a breather after the holiday […]

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8 Ways Venmo Makes You Money With Every Transaction

Did you know that Venmo comes from the latin word salesmanwhat does “sell” mean – or that it was once a music startup where you could send text messages to bands to receive MP3s via email? However, these details, however interesting, are not what we will be discussing today. Instead, we’ll look at other aspects […]

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How to make money on your site with these easy ways

Whether you have a small or giant business, monetizing your website can be lucrative. Business websites are not only great channels for business marketing or customer acquisition. You can also earn money on the site with various options available. Unfortunately, few companies have the time and resources to do this job. High competition has caused […]

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9 ways to restore credit after bankruptcy

If you are like most people, you have realized that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not the end of the road, but the beginning of a long and positive journey. After paying off your debts in court, you have a unique opportunity to restore your credit without overwhelming financial burden. But that doesn’t mean you won’t […]

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12 Ways to Earn More United Airlines Miles

United MileagePlus is one of the most rewarding loyalty programs with its elite travel benefits and partners, co-branded credit cards and mileage opportunities. You can earn miles by flying with United Airlines and partner airlines, but you can also increase your mileage balance by spending money on the MileagePlus shopping portal, partnering with United retail […]

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10 easy ways to save on gas

Even though prices have come down a bit, the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline is still above $4. This means that if you fill up a 13-gallon tank once a week, your annual gas budget could be over $2,700! Luckily, there are many ways to reduce those numbers and save hundreds on […]

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10 ways to get out of debt on your own

As a child, my parents talked a lot about debt. I was often involved in discussions about how they planned to fund our family’s needs, including housing, cars, my sister’s and me’s education, vacations, etc. I will always remember those discussions because they sounded intense. Since then, I have been eager to learn as much […]

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