What financial advice would you give your 19 year old self? Top 10 answers with the most votes

Recently, a nineteen-year-old man turned to the Internet for financial advice from men. He explained that he was “just getting started” and needed help managing and investing. Here are some of their helpful tips. 1. Invest in your pension early One person suggested investing in your pension as soon as you start working. For example, […]

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How much do financial advisors cost?

The cost of a financial advisor varies depending on a number of factors, including how much money you invest and what type of financial advisor you choose to work with. Here’s a breakdown of what you can look forward to when working with a financial advisor and what to look for when buying one. What […]

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10 financial lessons from your favorite Christmas movies

Christmas movies are more than entertainment – they can also teach financial lessons. The Grinch reminds us that expensive things aren’t everything, and Ebenezer Scrooge proves that spending and sharing money is often a good thing. And if there’s one thing you’ve learned from Home Alone, it’s the importance of safety and insurance. Ah, holidays. […]

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How to choose the best financial advisor for you

Choosing a financial advisor is just as important as choosing a nanny, but some people pay less attention to it. Learn how to choose a financial advisor who will protect your money and put your best interests ahead of your own. Choosing a financial advisor is just as important as choosing a nanny, but many […]

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These women rebuilt their financial lives after domestic violence

This post contains descriptions of cases of domestic violence, told by the author of each section. Please skip this article if you are concerned that it will negatively affect your mental health. You can contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline for safe and confidential help. If you are or have been in an abusive relationship, […]

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How to create a financial wellness program

While many people associate health with spa trips, meditation, and yoga classes, health can also relate to our financial lives. Prioritizing financial well-being is a great way to reduce stress while working towards your financial goals. Let’s take a closer look at what financial wellness is and how to create a financial wellness program. What […]

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What is financial toxicity and how does it affect breast cancer patients?

The stress and anxiety that comes with a breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. This is why, in an ideal world, breast cancer patients would only have to focus on their health during this difficult period. Unfortunately, financial problems often arise due to the high costs of treatment, as well as interruptions in work and […]

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Should I Get a Financial Advisor?

From time to time I receive emails from readers who have realized they need financial help beyond reading blogs and books. Maybe their financial situation suddenly became more difficult due to a new job or inheritance. Or maybe they just need personalized advice to help them increase their savings or pay off debt. Although I […]

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Credit cards are essential for financial well-being

Why use credit cards? Other payment options, such as debit cards and cash, may seem like an easier way to stay on budget. Credit cards are notorious for encouraging cardholders to spend money they don’t have, especially when tempting offers come in the mail. But here at Money Under 30, we believe a good credit […]

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Financial implications of Roe v. Wade

When Rowe vs. Wade was overthrown, most of the country was at a loss. A vital piece of healthcare was stolen overnight. Now, those who have the opportunity to become pregnant have to deal with the sudden emotional and financial burden that improper access to abortion causes. There are many people who will be affected […]

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