10 Most Expensive Items People Still Buy

In today’s consumer-centric society, some products are so overpriced that it’s hard to understand why people still buy them. After someone asked Reddit, “What’s ridiculously overpriced but you’re still buying?” These are the most popular confessions. 1. At home One admitted that he had a house closing tomorrow and received criticism for buying it at […]

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10 Things People Still Don’t Buy Even After Winning a Billion Dollars

Winning a billion dollars is the dream of most people. With this wealth you can buy anything your heart desires. However, after someone asked what people still wouldn’t buy, Reddit users agreed on these ten things. 1. Mega yacht Someone said he wouldn’t buy a megayacht because he thought it was a waste of money […]

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Single-family house or apartment: what to buy?

In the booming real estate market, many aspiring homeowners choose condominiums because they are affordable, require minimal maintenance, and can provide nice perks like shared pools. But the traditional single-family home still has its adherents. Dour inclination towards one or the other may change after you review our answers to frequently asked questions about single-family […]

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How to improve your credit score to buy a house

You found it. Your dream home with a white picket fence and window boxes, or with a home theater and infinity pool. You go to your local bank and proudly declare, “I need a mortgage, sir!” He smiles, nods, and hands you the keys to your new home. This is certainly the right time to […]

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Should you buy or rent your next home?

There is no simple answer to the question of whether to rent or buy. It depends on so many factors: your age, your finances, your area, your plans for the future and the current real estate market, just to name a few. Renting can be the right move for people in the right circumstances — […]

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Should I buy an Ink Business Cash card?

The Chase Ink Business Cash® Credit Card comes with a solid welcome offer, no annual fees, and includes a tiered cash back program that can help business owners earn multiple rewards when using the card. But this does not mean that this card is suitable for every business owner. To get the most bang for […]

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How to Buy Bonds: A Beginner’s Guide

Even if you’re new to bonds, you probably already know three things about them: They are low risk They are not as interesting as stocks Old people love them All three are 100% correct. But once you understand how they work and what their best hidden qualities are, you realize that bonds have a lot […]

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Should I buy a BankAmericard credit card?

The oldest parts of Bank of America are 240 years old, almost since the founding of America itself. Today, Bank of America is one of the largest retail banks in the country and offers a full range of credit cards for personal use and small businesses. One of his cards BankAmericard® credit card, is consistently […]

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Should I buy Amex Blue Business Plus?

Having the right business credit card in your wallet can go a long way in helping you save your company money and make the most of your expenses. And Blue Business® Plus Credit Card by American Express is one of the most popular business credit cards on the market today. Blue Business Plus has many […]

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Investing for Beginners: How to Buy Stocks

Thinking about investing in stocks but don’t know where to start? Don’t be afraid! Investing is actually a simple process once you set yourself up. Buying stocks starts with research, and if you make the right investment choices, you will end up with more money in your account. Lots more money. It also requires maintenance […]

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